Oelberg-Milet  Olive oil –  Branding and Packaging

Agency: Phase4 Communications GmbH – Munich (DE)
Year: 2020

Branding and packaging project created for Oelberg-Milet olive oil.

The Ölberg Milet brand stands for quality and sustainable and ecological farming. The range currently includes two single-varietal olive oils (Memecik and Gemlik), which are harvested exclusively by hand and pressed on the same day.

From the Miletus Mount of Olives, one looks northwest to the ruins of one of the most important cities in the world for human development, Miletus. Here lived the famous philosopher Thales (Thales of Miletus) ca. 623-544 BC, who is considered one of the founders of Western philosophy. Thales was also an important mathematician and astronomer – but also a good businessman who valued good olive oil.

In his honor, the oil was given the name “The Philosopher’s Gold” and we developed the figurative mark from his countenance in connection with olive branches, which we also printed in gold on the labels and the shop window.

For more info about the product, visit the website oelberg-milet.de