Hello! Hallo!
Ciao! Hóla!

My name is Alexandra Speranza. Creative, curious, and coffee lover since 1989. I was born in Sicily, Italy, but for several years I’ve been moving around a lot for work. In October 2019 I decided to move in Germany, to be able to increase my work experiences, deepen my English and learn a new language.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, but I always had passion for graphics design and advertising. I dedicate myself entirely to graphics and the satisfaction of seeing the projects concretely realized is priceless. What I love doing the most and what I have gained the most experience with over the years is brand identity, designing logos, creating advertising pages and billboards.

The world of advertising and marketing has over the years shifted a lot towards the web and social media, which is why around 2017 I decided to complete my professional role by approaching the digital world, working on dem, landing pages, banners, newsletters, website layouts, and website creation on the WordPress platform, and thanks to this I started to learn also the basics of HTML, CSS and PHP codes.

I am a font hunter, I love looking for a new type every day and learn the story behind it. I like to start new experiences and challenges, and I believe that this gives me the incentive to improve myself and always give my best in the workplace, my mind is always open to new knowledge and have no problem learning new languages and cultures. I speak Italian, fluent English, and I’m still improving my German.

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