Ciao! Hello!
Hallo! Hóla!

I‘m Alexandra, and I‘m not your typical creative thinker—I‘m the kind of creative chaos that turns ideas into eye-catching realities. Born in the vibrant heart of Sicily, I‘ve always had a passion for turning everyday moments into works of art.

Creativity flows through my veins like espresso in an Italian café. You see, I‘m a certified coffee enthusiast. Without that daily jolt of inspiration, I‘d be lost in a world without flavor and fervor. Coffee fuels my creative engines, and it shows in my work.

My superpowers? Well, I‘ve got a knack for branding that can turn a ho-hum product into an irresistible sensation. I thrive in the world of web design, weaving together pixels and code to create digital symphonies. Oh, did I mention I’m a WordPress whiz? I can whip up a stunning WordPress site before you finish your cappuccino.

So, if you‘re seeking a creative maestro who can transform ideas into visual masterpieces, a branding virtuoso who knows how to make a statement, and a coffee enthusiast with an insatiable appetite for innovation, then let‘s connect and brew up something remarkable together! ☕️